Speaking at the DTF Expo in a learning session provides a unique opportunity to share your expertise and insights with industry peers and enthusiasts. As a speaker, you will contribute valuable knowledge and practical tips to enhance attendees’ understanding of direct-to-film printing. This platform allows you to showcase your expertise, establish thought leadership, and connect with a targeted audience interested in learning from industry experts. It’s an excellent way to expand your network, build credibility, and contribute to the advancement of the direct-to-film printing community.

Speaker Applications Opens June 17

Speaker Categories

  • Introduction to DTF Printing
  • DTF Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • DTF Ink and Media Selection
  • DTF Design and Software Tools
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Color Management for DTF Printing
  • Advanced DTF Techniques:
  • Business Strategies for DTF Printing
  • Industry Trends and Innovations
  • Case Studies and Success Stories