Showcase your DTF Products and Company


Exhibiting at the DTF Expo offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your brand, products, and services to a highly targeted audience of industry professionals, decision-makers, and enthusiasts. By participating as an exhibitor, you gain direct access to potential clients, partners, and collaborators within the direct-to-film printing community, allowing you to expand your network and forge valuable connections. The expo provides a platform for you to demonstrate the capabilities of your products, launch new innovations, and highlight your expertise in the field. Moreover, exhibiting at the DTF Expo enhances your brand visibility and positions your company as a leader and innovator in the dynamic world of direct-to-film printing. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your brand, connect with industry leaders, and drive business growth at the DTF Expo.

Exhibitor Registration Opens June 17

10’x10′ Booth – $1,250

10’x20′ Booth – $2,500

20’x20′ Booth – $5,000

Expo Booth Layout*

*Layout Subject to Change

Booth assignments are initiated approximately 120 days before the event, pending payment and acceptance of the exhibitor space agreement.