Ready to get the word out about your company to a very targeted audience? We have a whole selection of options for you to choose from!

Registration Kiosks (Exclusive) – $2,500
Make sure everyone at the show sees your logo when they check in or register at the event.

Lanyards (Exclusive) – $3,500 Sold
Everyone at the event can wear your logo. Sponsor must supply lanyards.

Coffee and Conversation Networking Event (Exclusive) – $3,500
Networking event for those who like mornings!

Happy Hour Networking Event – $500-$5,000 levels
Showcase your support for the industry and provide a platform to enhance brand visibility, forge meaningful connections.

Expo Bags (Exclusive) – $2,000
Attendees will carry your logo throughout the expo and collect all of their goods. Sponsor must supply bags.

Water Cooler (Exclusive) – $750
Everyone needs a drink of water, why not highlight it with your logo?

Banners around the Expo Hall – $500
Banners can be hung around the expo hall, make sure your company can be seen.

Workshops (2 Available) $2,000
Sponsor one of the two the pre-expo workshops.

Sessions (14 Available) – $500
Highlight your business in a 3 minutes before the start of one of the 14 learning sessions.

Event Shirts (Exclusive) – Sponsor will provide shirts and print official design

Promotional Display – $1,500
Want to promote your business outside the expo hall? We have additional space to do so!

Gold Sponsorship Level – $15,o00 – $25,000

Silver Sponsorship Level– $1o,000 – $14,999

Bronze Sponsorship Level- $5,500 – $9,999